Penalty Waiver Request

Penalty Waiver Request

If you are a registered business owner with the City of Los Angeles Office of Finance, you may submit your penalty waiver request on-line using our interactive system.

Please enter the following information to submit your Penalty Waiver. Please be patient, the login processing may take up to a minute or more. Kindly refrain from clicking the browser refresh button throughout your session.

  Location Account Number:    
   (As it appears on your mailed bill, e.g., 0123456789-0001-1.)  
  Street Number:    
   (Example: Enter 150 if your business address is 150 Main St.)  
  ZIP Code:    
   (The business address 5-digit ZIP code.)  


If you need further assistance you can e-mail us at or call 1-844-663-4411 during weekday business hours.

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